I am Marilia, the face behind Golden Sunrise Activewear.

Originally from Brazil, I fell in love with the Queensland lifestyle. It is amazing how people enjoy being outdoors, playing with the kids, exercising, walking the dog or just catching up with friends and family for a picnic. Golden Sunrise Activewear is inspired by these everyday people.

We believe that the word Activewear does not only mean clothes that are to be worn at the gym, it goes beyond that. Activewear is the comfortable pair of clothes that you can wear for any activity, it should make you feel and look good no matter what you choose to do.

What do you wear when taking the kids to play at the park, or to take your dog for a walk, to go to the gym, for a run, for a walk or even to catch up with friends for a coffee? I am sure that the answer to almost all of it, if not all, those questions is a good pair of leggings, a comfortable sports bra and a singlet. No matter what you do, you will feel confident and comfortable wearing some form of activewear.

Each piece of Golden Sunrise’s collections is designed taking into consideration comfort, practicality, style and value without sacrificing quality. The goal is to introduce elements of Brazilian culture in each collection that also aligns with the Australian lifestyle.

My collections don’t necessarily follow a trend. I follow what I am passionate about, what makes me feel happy, grateful and motivated to keep a healthy and active lifestyle. There are so many ideas that I am looking forward to sharing with you and I would welcome any feedback from my valued customers.

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